Square: PanaSquare

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PanaSquare: The Panamera is one of the most popular round shrouds, but now the PanaSquare is available to fit Square Lens Retrofits! Using symmetrical semi-circular acrylic accents on each face of the shroud, the PanaSquare is one of the coolest and cleanest looking shrouds for their Square Lens friends.

NOTE: The PanaSquare fits only the Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 or 5.0 with the "Square Lens" option.

MORIMOTO PROJECTORS: Mini D2S 4.0/5.0 Square Lens
MOUNTS WITH: Clips and JB Quik Weld

DIMENSIONS: 121mm W, 101mm H, 54mm D
FINISH: Forever Finish Chrome
MATERIAL: High Temp Resistant Polycarbonate (Shroud), Acrylic (Clear Insert)

SHROUDS: 2x (One Pair) PanaSquare Projector Shrouds