Product Information

What are the main benefits of the Stage 1 bi-LED projector?

The Stage 1 bi-LED projector, with its 2.5" lens, offers a sharp cutoff line for precise light control and a significant boost in nighttime visibility over stock lighting. It's designed to be plug-and-play for most models, making installation straightforward.

How does the Stage 2 bi-LED projector improve upon the Stage 1?

The Stage 2 projector upgrades to a 3" lens, integrates all drivers and components for a sleeker setup, and delivers a 30-40% performance increase over Stage 1. It features an even sharper cutoff line and a wider beam pattern, while maintaining the plug-and-play convenience for most models.

What are halos?

Halos, also known as angel eyes, are circular LED light rings that surround the main headlight beam. They add a distinctive, stylish look to a vehicle's front end while providing additional illumination. Halos can come in various colors and sizes, often used for both aesthetic and functional purposes in custom automotive lighting.

What are demon eyes?

Demon eyes are a type of automotive lighting customization where small, bright LED lights are installed inside the projector lens, illuminating it from within. They are known for their intense, focused glow, often in vivid colors, giving the headlights a striking, aggressive look when the main beams are off. Demon eyes are primarily for show and not intended for use as driving lights.

What are etched lenses?

Etched lenses in automotive lighting refer to projector lenses that have been custom engraved with designs or logos. These etchings can be purely aesthetic or designed to modify the light pattern projected onto the road. Etched lenses add a unique, personalized touch to a vehicle's headlights, visible when the lights are turned on.

What does switchback mean?

Switchback is a feature in automotive LED lighting where the lights can switch colors, typically between white and amber. This feature is commonly used in turn signals and daytime running lights (DRLs). When the turn signal is activated, the light switches from white (DRL) to amber (turn signal) and then back to white once the turn signal is off, providing both functionality and a stylish appearance.

What does RGB mean?

RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue, the primary colors of light. In automotive lighting, RGB refers to LED lights that can produce these three colors and, by combining them in various ways, can create a wide spectrum of colors. RGB lighting allows for customization of the color and often includes controller options for changing colors and effects.

What is Color Flow or 'fully addressable' lighting in automotive lights?

Color Flow, also known as 'fully addressable' lighting, refers to advanced LED systems where each LED can be controlled individually to display different colors and patterns at the same time. This technology allows for dynamic lighting effects such as waves, chasing lights, and color gradients. It provides a highly customizable and visually striking lighting display, often controlled via a remote or a smartphone app.

Ordering Process

Can I make a request for custom headlights?

You can easily place an order for our standard custom headlights directly through the main listings on our website. For special requests or custom designs, please inquire via email or by messaging us on one of our social media platforms. Once we've discussed and agreed upon your custom request, we will send you a custom invoice. This process allows us to tailor our headlights to your specific needs and ensure that your custom lighting solution is built exactly to your specifications.

Road Use and Compliance

Are Panther Lights' custom headlights road-approved?

Our custom headlights are not officially approved for road use by the Department of Transportation (DOT). However, they are designed to far exceed the performance and safety standards set forth by the DOT. We prioritize high-quality lighting that enhances visibility and safety. It’s important to note that this is an industry-wide standard; no custom headlight builder is able to obtain DOT approval for their custom-built headlights. If a headlight builder claims their custom headlights are DOT-approved, this is not accurate. As with all aftermarket modifications, customers should be aware of their local regulations regarding automotive lighting.