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Panamera Insert: Profile Pixel (RGBW)

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RGBWA: With their powerful RGBW LEDs, The Profile Pixel Panamera inserts are capable of producing an amazingly clear neutral white, a pure amber, and every other color in the spectrum for that matter.. Reds, blues, greens, teals, purples, name it! The system is designed to run in white mode until you activate the RGB system through your app controller, at which point you can tune their color exactly to your liking. Turn the RGB system off, and they'll automatically default back to white to keep you street legal. All that aside, and these things are just plain bright...easily outshining the factory LED setup. Pixel = Perfection!

Switchback: Profile's specially designed drivers have a separate input wire for your turn signal circuit. When triggered, the LED driver will automatically interrupt the RGB/white mode and flash the integrated amber LED chips for a modern switchback turn signal in your DRL position. When the turn signal stops, the RGB or white mode will automatically return to its previous setting. Functional

Remote Control: First-time users will need to purchase an optional RGBW Controller. The Morimoto XBT is required for the Pixel DRL boards, has a killer Iphone/Android Bluetooth app, and three channels, which can be controlled independently.

SHROUDS: Morimoto Panamera Switchback LED 1.0 or 2.0
RGB CONTROLLERS: XBT Bluetooth (Recommended), Profile PrismPilot RF, or any 4-Wire RGBW+
NOTE: Not to be used externally (voids warranty)

RGB FUNCTIONS: Strobe, FlasH, Fade
MATERIAL: Aluminum PCB, Anodized Aluminum (Driver), Hard Epoxy Potting

LED ACCENTS: 2x (One Pair) Profile Pixel RGBW LED Panamera Inserts
WIRING: 2x Prism RGB Drivers
OPTIONAL RGB CONTROLLER: Morimoto XBT Bluetooth or Profile PrismPilot Controller