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Diode Dynamics

Mercury Marauder: Diode Dynamics ELITE Series Fog Lights

Mercury Marauder: Diode Dynamics ELITE Series Fog Lights

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Mercury Marauder owners, it's time to revolutionize your ride's fog light performance. We at Panther Lights present our exclusive offering, the Elite Series Fog Lamps, a kit specifically tailored for your Marauder.

The Elite Series Fog Lamps are a game-changer in the world of fog lights. Engineered for peak performance, they pack a unique patent-pending optic, multi-die automotive emitters, and high-powered full-copper circuit boards, producing up to five times more output than conventional halogen lamps. Plus, installation is a breeze with our Marauder-specific plug-and-play setup.

Unleash unparalleled light output. The Elite Series is built around a single-piece PMMA lens that casts a wider light pattern than any other aftermarket fog lamp out there, projecting an 80-degree spread of intense light. All this while meeting the SAE F3 fog light standards, ensuring legality on the road.

You have the choice of two colors with the Elite Series. Opt for a cool white output, matching other LEDs on your Marauder, or the distinct yellow option offering high contrast in poor weather conditions.

Each Elite Series Fog Lamp comes standard with an integrated amber accent light, boosting your Marauder's style. This feature conveniently shuts off when the main beam is activated.

This kit for the Elite Series Fog Lamps is designed for an easy, secure fit on your Mercury Marauder. They slot right into the existing factory fog light assembly using high strength adapter. Post-installation aiming is also possible for tailored adjustment.

Assembled in the USA, the Elite Series Fog Lamps utilize OEM-grade materials and are rigorously tested to withstand harsh conditions. They come with a remarkable 8-year limited warranty.

Experience the revolution in fog lights with Panther Lights' all-inclusive kit of the Elite Series Fog Lamps. Enhanced performance, ultimate visibility, and sleek aesthetics – custom-designed for your Mercury Marauder.

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