Panther Lights

Mercury Grand Marquis/Marauder (03-05)

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Looking for a bold upgrade to your car's headlights? Dive into Panther Lights' blacked-out HID projector headlights designed specifically for the 2003-2005 Mercury Grand Marquis and Marauder. These lights not only enhance your night-time vision but also give your vehicle a striking, modern look with their darkened appearance.

Stage 1 Kit – Essential Upgrade with a Dark Twist:
Kicking things off with our Stage 1 kit, you'll get two fresh headlight units, each armed with the brilliant Acme H1 HID projectors. But here's the catch - the chrome shroud around the projector is replaced with a sleek black one, offering a stealthy look to the entire headlight. Additionally, the kit incorporates durable Acme 35w SpeedyStart ballasts and two Acme 35w HID bulbs, ensuring bright and even lighting. The Morimoto Bi-Xenon Relay Harness is also part of the package, keeping your car's electrical system in tip-top shape. And because we believe in what we sell, there's a 1-year warranty on all components in this kit.

Stage 2 Kit – Enhanced Clarity in Stealth Mode:
For the enthusiasts aiming higher, our Stage 2 kit is your ticket. This kit brings in the upgraded Morimoto D2S 5.0 projectors coupled with the powerful 35w Morimoto XB HID kit, offering an even clearer and brighter road view. And yes, the blacked-out theme continues here for that menacing appearance. As a testament to its quality, we back this kit with a 3-year warranty.

Stage 3 Kit – Premium Performance with a Dark Edge:
For those who settle for nothing but the best, the Stage 3 kit is your match. Here, we're ditching the standard Morimoto HID bulb and introducing a premium OEM grade bulb from Osram. Paired with the black shroud, it's performance and style in one unbeatable package.

In essence, if you're keen on giving your Mercury Grand Marquis or Marauder an aggressive nighttime presence while boosting its functionality, our blacked-out HID projector headlights are a perfect choice. Stand out and light up the path with Panther Lights.