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Panther Lights

Mercury Grand Marquis/Marauder (03-05) - Color Flow

Mercury Grand Marquis/Marauder (03-05) - Color Flow

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Illuminate your journey with Panther Lights' 'Reflex' Custom Bi-LED Projector Headlights, meticulously crafted for the 2003-2005 Grand Marquis and Marauder. These headlights merge a stealthy, blackened appearance with the dynamic visual appeal of Color Flow halos and demon eyes, revolutionizing your vehicle’s presence on the road.

Key Features:

  • Stage 1 and Stage 2 Projector Choices: Select from two levels of lighting performance. Stage 1 includes our 2.5" Bi-LED projector for a noticeable upgrade in brightness, while Stage 2 features a more powerful 3" Bi-LED projector, offering even brighter and broader illumination.
  • Striking 'Reflex' Design: As part of our 'Reflex' lineup, these headlights feature a gloss black shroud that reflects the chrome of the headlight assembly, creating a sleek and blackened appearance. This design adds a layer of sophistication and modernity to your vehicle.

  • Versatile Color Flow Halos and Demon Eyes: Equipped with Color Flow technology, these headlights offer not just any single solid color like standard RGB, but also the ability to display sequential and chasing patterns. This functionality allows you to personalize the look of your headlights with dynamic and eye-catching effects.

  • Custom Etching Options: Personalize your headlights further with a choice of the iconic Mercury Logo, Marauder logo, or the option to send in your own image/design to be etched onto the projector, making your vehicle truly one-of-a-kind.

  • Plug-and-Play Installation: Convenience is key with our plug-and-play design. These custom headlights are engineered for a perfect fit in your Grand Marquis or Marauder, ensuring an effortless upgrade without complex modifications.

  • 2-Year Limited Parts Warranty: We back our products with a 2-year limited warranty on parts, giving you confidence in the longevity and quality of your investment.

Upgrade your 2003-2005 Grand Marquis or Marauder with Panther Lights' 'Reflex' Custom Bi-LED Projector Headlights. They're more than just headlights; they're a bold statement of style, personalization, and advanced lighting technology.


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