Panther Lights

Mercury Grand Marquis (06-11)

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Introducing Panther Lights' custom-built HID projector headlights, meticulously designed for the 2006-2011 Grand Marquis. Elevate your nighttime driving experience with enhanced visibility, all while giving your Grand Marquis a modern and stylish upgrade.

Stage 1 Kit – Premium Illumination:
Our Stage 1 kit is a game-changer for the Grand Marquis owner who values both aesthetics and performance. Each set includes two headlight assemblies, equipped with the reliable Acme H1 HID projectors renowned for their bright and clear output. Paired with Acme 35w SpeedyStart ballasts and two Acme 35w HID bulbs, you're assured of a brilliant and enduring light source. Safety and functionality are further reinforced with a Morimoto Bi-Xenon Relay Harness, safeguarding your car's electrical system. All components in this stage are backed by a 1-year warranty.

Stage 2 Kit – Advanced Clarity:
For those seeking enhanced performance, the Stage 2 kit is your pick. Upgrading your Grand Marquis with top-tier Morimoto projectors, ballasts, and bulbs, this kit promises a brighter and more defined road view. With the added advantage of a 3-year warranty, it's a blend of extended coverage and superior visibility.

Stage 3 Kit – Ultimate Performance:
For the Grand Marquis aficionado desiring the best of both worlds, our Stage 3 kit delivers on all fronts. Beyond the foundational components, this kit integrates a high-quality OEM HID bulb by Osram, ensuring that your drives are as luminous as they are luxurious.

In essence, if your goal is to combine the classic elegance of the 2006-2011 Grand Marquis with cutting-edge lighting technology, these HID projector headlights are the answer. Embrace a safer, more stylish nighttime drive with Panther Lights.