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Mercury Grand Marquis (06-11)

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Elevate the aura of your 2006-2011 Grand Marquis with Panther Lights' custom-built HID projector headlights, now augmented with striking RGB halos and Demon eyes by Profile Performance. Experience the perfect blend of enhanced visibility, vibrant colors, and a touch of modern flair that will make your Grand Marquis a standout.

Vivid RGB Features:
These headlights aren't just about superior illumination; they're about making a statement. With vibrant RGB halos and Demon eyes, you can personalize your Grand Marquis's look to reflect your style. Whether it's a pulsating beat or a serene glow, the Morimoto XBT controller lets you take command, offering a spectrum of colors and dynamic effects.

Stage 1 Kit – Luminance Meets Vibrancy:
Kickstart your vehicle's transformation with our Stage 1 kit. While each headlight boasts the reliable Acme H1 HID projectors, the true showstoppers are the RGB halos and Demon eyes. Backed by Acme 35w SpeedyStart ballasts and two Acme 35w HID bulbs, your drives will be both brilliant and colorful. As always, safety comes first with the Morimoto Bi-Xenon Relay Harness, and a 1-year warranty underpins all components.

Stage 2 Kit – Enhanced Visuals & Brightness:
Step up the game with the Stage 2 kit. Beyond the visual treat of the RGB features, this kit integrates advanced Morimoto projectors, ballasts, and bulbs, ensuring the road ahead is as clear as your vehicle is captivating. This powerful and stylish combination comes with a 3-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Stage 3 Kit – The Best in Aesthetics & Performance:
For those desiring the ultimate lighting experience, the Stage 3 kit promises to impress. Alongside the vivid RGB components, it includes a premium OEM HID bulb by Osram, ensuring that your Grand Marquis not only looks exceptional but also lights up the path with unparalleled brilliance.

In summary, if you're looking to pair the timeless charm of the 2006-2011 Grand Marquis with groundbreaking lighting and RGB features, these HID projector headlights are your premier choice. Drive with style, vibrancy, and unmatched clarity, exclusively with Panther Lights.