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Lincoln Town Car (03-11)

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Experience the fusion of luxury, performance, and dynamic design with Panther Lights' HID projector headlights for the 2003-2011 Lincoln Town Car, now featuring a captivating white/amber switchback halo. While maintaining the elegance intrinsic to the Town Car, these headlights add a modern twist that's both functional and visually arresting.

Distinctive Switchback Halo:
Infusing modern flair into classic sophistication, the white/amber switchback halo is the centerpiece of this design. Serving a dual purpose, it shines bright white as a Daytime Running Light (DRL) and seamlessly transitions to an amber hue in sync with your turn signals. This not only enhances safety but also adds a contemporary edge to your vehicle.

Stage 1 Kit – Luxury Meets Dynamic Design:
Our Stage 1 kit offers a blend of premium lighting and avant-garde aesthetics tailored for the Town Car. Each headlight, enhanced by the switchback halo, harnesses the power of the Acme H1 HID projectors. For consistent performance and luminescence, the kit integrates Acme 35w SpeedyStart ballasts and two Acme 35w HID bulbs. Backing our commitment to quality, this stage comes complete with a 1-year warranty on all components.

Stage 2 Kit – Elevated Illumination with Contemporary Flair:
For those aiming for a heightened sense of luxury and lighting, the Stage 2 kit is the perfect match. Along with the unique switchback halo, it incorporates the Morimoto D2S 5.0 projectors and the 35w Morimoto XB HID kit, ensuring roads are illuminated with precision and clarity. Recognizing this blend of luxury and innovation, we've extended a 3-year warranty on this kit.

Stage 3 Kit – The Pinnacle of Design and Functionality:
Designed for the discerning Town Car owner, the Stage 3 kit represents the zenith in lighting and design. Alongside the foundational HID components and the dynamic switchback halo, this setup welcomes a top-tier OEM grade bulb from Osram, ensuring each drive is as luminous as it is luxurious.

In essence, if you wish to marry the enduring luxury of the 2003-2011 Lincoln Town Car with advanced, responsive lighting features, these HID projector headlights with the switchback halo are unmatched. Elevate every journey with style, clarity, and innovation, all thanks to Panther Lights.