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H7: VLEDS V35 Monochrome Series

H7: VLEDS V35 Monochrome Series

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Discover the latest in LED technology with VLEDs' V35 Monochrome Series. This series is a game-changer, offering a versatile 3500LM output that's ideal for a wide range of applications. Its user-friendly design includes an internal driver, simplifying installation and making it a great choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

The V35 is engineered with an ultra-thin, 1.5mm copper core PCB, ensuring both brilliant light output and a sharp, focused beam pattern. At its heart lies the HP 3570 chipset, known for its higher output and reduced heat generation. A dedicated thermal pad ensures efficient heat transfer directly from the chip to the PCB.

Thermal management is a priority in the V35 series, featuring dual square copper heat pipes that significantly increase the contact surface area for enhanced heat dissipation. The copper-plated internal heat sink offers unmatched conductivity and thermal efficiency.

The 12000 RPM Whisper Flo fan ensures operation is as quiet as it is powerful, maintaining a near-silent 55 dB noise level. With a 5500K color temperature, the V35 series mimics the best of daylight driving conditions, offering clarity and comfort.

Every aspect of the V35 has been meticulously crafted, including over-molded wiring that protects electrical components from environmental elements. The design's finesse is evident in the chrome-plated stem, designed to blend seamlessly with your vehicle's factory reflector for a sleek, integrated appearance.

Elevate your vehicle with the V35 Monochrome Series, where sophistication meets functionality.

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