GTI-R 2.0

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GTi-R 2.0: The Mk6 GTI brought us many treats, this unique "eyelid" shroud design included! Want OEM+? Here you are!

MORIMOTO PROJECTORS: All except Matchbox
OEM PROJECTORS: Most except TL, LS430, LS460, Q45
LENS DIAMETERS: 2.5in and 3in Compatible
MOUNTS WITH: Centric Rings and/or JB Quik Weld

DIMENSIONS: 123mm W, 113mm H, 62mm D
FINISH: Forever Finish Chrome
MATERIAL: High Temp Resistant Polycarbonate

SHROUDS: 2x (One Pair) GTi-r 2.0 Projector Shrouds
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Centric Rings and Halos