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3156: VLEDS High Output 6 LED

3156: VLEDS High Output 6 LED

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Huge Upgrade How many times have you tried backing up at night and you just can't see? Vehicle manufacturers don't put an emphasis on back-up lighting, they're really just indicators to let others know you're backing up. Whether your stock bulbs are too weak, or your windows are tinted our HOsix LED back-up lights are the solution.

Perfectly Placed We placed 6 horizontally opposed side-firing LEDs in the exact same filament location as the incandescent bulb. This is an important design feature so the light fires in the "sweet spot" of the reflectors maximizing output and light pattern. With 5X more light (1500LM each) than your stock bulbs you'll have no problem seeing where you're going.

Unrivaled As one of the few all-aluminum constructed 3156 bulbs on the market as it offers both high performance, and reliability. Words rarely used in the same sentence.

WARNING! This bulb was designed for momentary (10 minutes or less) applications only. Using this bulb in a constant on application will void your warranty.

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