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PRV: 6CX380-4 SLIM

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The best of the pro audio and car audio worlds are combined in this compact 6.5″ speaker! The 6CX380-4 SLIM’s coaxial speaker has a built-in tweeter driver, an innovative design that delivers amazing sound clarity.

For a countless number of applications that require high output sound in small locations where conventional drivers wouldn’t fit, we have carefully blended a super tweeter with our PRO Audio shallow midrange speaker in a compact package. This is the greatest 6.5″ 2-way coaxial for car audio you can find that is both small and loud.


  • Slim Design – Perfect for tight space applications that require PRO Audio sound quality in small areas where conventional drivers wouldn’t fit.
  • Built-in driver tweeter with in-line capacitor attenuates perfectly with the speaker, giving you a rich musical response.
  • 380 Watts RMS Music Power Handling, with a 96 dB Sensitivity, capable of generating a lot sound with a small cone!
  • Grill and Mounting Screws Included
  • Also available in 8″- 8CX380-4 SLIM

By combining elements from the PRO Audio and Car Audio segments, we have developed a new type of highly efficient coaxial that is able to give high levels of output in compact spaces.Its slim design makes this coaxial the perfect speaker, allowing it to be utilized in endless ways.

Loud and clear vocals are all within 2.76′′ of mounting depth without sacrificing quality or performance.

Its specially composed spider reduces distortion on midbass frequencies, and its double roll surround keeps cone travel linear, while its premium tinsel lead wire is capable of high temperatures.

This makes this speaker not only unique but also gives it all high-performance characteristics and high-quality components, providing exceptional clarity, detail, and dynamic sound.