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Next Level Neo

Next Level ColorFlow Controller

Next Level ColorFlow Controller

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If you're looking for a controller that offers both basic driving functions and customizable show modes, our Driver-Controller Combo is the perfect solution. While the BlueGhozt controller can be expensive and simple RGBW SP options aren't always suited for driving functions like DRLs and turn signals, our Driver-Controller Combo closes the gap by providing you with the essential driving functions you need, along with the show modes you want. Plus, we've included a 10-amp inverter to make installation even easier.

We offer two variations of our Driver-Controller Combo:

  • The Headlight Controller provides you with an animated DRL and sequential turn signals.
  • The Taillight Controller provides you with an animated red DRL, brighter red brake with F1 strobe function, sequential turn signals, and a reverse input. (Please note that on some cars, the brake and turn signal wires are the same, which will require a 2-to-3 brake controller to function properly.)

Our Driver-Controller Combo is designed specifically for use with 5V SK6812RGBW chip sets, and should not be used with RGB addressable or UCS2904 chips. To control the Color Flow LEDs, you will need to use the Magic LED app. Additionally, our LED controller is built into our driver, so you'll only need one box for installation. Check out our video for a more detailed breakdown of our controller.

Upgrade your driving experience with our Driver-Controller Combo and enjoy both basic driving functions and customizable show modes in one convenient package.

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