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Kia Stinger

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Introducing the Ultimate Custom Headlight Modification for the Kia Stinger

Upgrade your Kia Stinger's aesthetics with our custom headlight modifications. Designed exclusively for the Kia Stinger, these headlight enhancements will set your vehicle apart from the rest, giving it a striking appearance on the road.

Illuminate Your Style

Choose from a wide range of solid colors for your factory daytime running lights and demon eyes, allowing you to match your vehicle's illumination with your unique taste. Personalize your Kia Stinger further with the ability to display multiple colors simultaneously. With up to 120 different chasing and sequential patterns, your Stinger will undoubtedly turn heads.

Made-to-Order Customization

These headlights are custom-built per order. By placing a deposit, you will be placed in line on the current waitlist. All sales are final and could take up to 6 months to receive your order. Any deposit that is paid will not be refunded if your order is canceled. Photos and a video will be provided and final payment will be required before shipping. All shipping costs will be calculated and added to the final payment at the time of shipping.

Please Note: This product listing is for the custom headlight assembly materials and labor to retrofit your existing headlights only. It does NOT include the actual headlight assemblies or installation costs on the vehicle. You must provide a set of headlights for the customization process.

Interested in New Headlight Assemblies?

If you're looking for new headlight assemblies, please contact us at We may have access to new headlight assemblies to accommodate your needs. Enhance your Kia Stinger's visual appeal with our cutting-edge custom headlight assemblies and experience the ultimate in personalized lighting.