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Ford Crown Victoria (98-11)

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Introducing a bold twist on lighting design, Panther Lights proudly presents HID projector headlights for the 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria, echoing the distinct visuals of a panda or stormtrooper. With an all-white exterior complemented by a contrasting black projector shroud, these headlights are more than just a lighting solution; they're a statement.

Panda/Stormtrooper Inspired Design:
Drawing inspiration from the unmistakable looks of pandas and stormtroopers, these headlights boast a pristine white paint job. The bold contrast with the central black projector shroud not only amplifies the overall aesthetics but also draws attention to the luminous core of the headlight, ensuring your Crown Vic is a guaranteed head-turner.

Stage 1 Kit – Iconic Design Meets Stellar Illumination:
Our Stage 1 kit marries visual flair with state-of-the-art lighting technology. Each unit, with its distinctive white-black design, is powered by the dependable Acme H1 HID projectors. For consistent brightness and road clarity, the kit is equipped with Acme 35w SpeedyStart ballasts and two Acme 35w HID bulbs. As a testament to our commitment to quality, all components in this stage come with a 1-year warranty.

Stage 2 Kit – Enhanced Contrast with Superior Lighting:
For those who desire a balance between strong design elements and heightened lighting performance, the Stage 2 kit is tailor-made. It incorporates the advanced Morimoto D2S 5.0 projectors and the powerful 35w Morimoto XB HID kit, delivering crisp road visibility. Emphasizing the panda/stormtrooper aesthetic, this kit stands out while providing safety and style. It also carries a reassuring 3-year warranty.

Stage 3 Kit – Ultimate Aesthetics with Peak Performance:
For the ultimate Crown Vic enthusiast, the Stage 3 kit pulls out all the stops. Beyond the base components and iconic design, it integrates a high-end OEM grade bulb from Osram, ensuring your vehicle shines brilliantly, whether in cityscapes or open roads.

In summary, if you're aiming to blend the iconic charm of the Ford Crown Victoria with a unique, contrasting design inspired by pandas and stormtroopers, these HID projector headlights are your go-to choice. Stand out with style and performance, exclusively with Panther Lights.