Panther Lights

Dodge Charger (15-21)

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Overview: Upgrade your 2015-2023 Dodge Charger with our custom headlight assemblies featuring RGBW DRL boards by Diode Dynamics and brand new halogen headlights. These assemblies offer numerous color options that can be controlled with the M8 Bluetooth Controller, giving you complete control over your Charger's lighting.

RGBW DRL Boards by Diode Dynamics: Our custom headlight assemblies are built with RGBW DRL boards by Diode Dynamics, ensuring top-of-the-line lighting for your Charger. The RGBW feature provides you with many colors to choose from and a dynamic lighting experience that will leave others envious.

M8 Bluetooth Controller: With the M8 Bluetooth Controller, you can easily control the colors of your custom headlight assemblies with your phone. You will have access to a wide variety of colors, all of which can be easily switched with the touch of a button.

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